My Love is Gone

So I wrote this sonnet in 7th grade for my creative writing class. I don’t even know how it turned out to be like this except for the fact that I had the Iraq war on my mind a lot at that time. This still happens to be one of my favorite poems I have every written in my life. Thanks for reading 🙂
The meadow daisies bending in the breeze
Remind me of a day just passed.
I strolled along my path with ease
With him right by my side, a love to last.
He was my life, my love, my all and then
The country he loved sent him to fight.
He left me weeping there in my lonely den
Sitting by the firelight waiting, hoping to reunite.
Two men in suits came to my door.
They spoke of valor and courage of heart.
My Love is gone; he is no more.
I fall in anguish pierced through with love’s dart.
Sweet memories surround me through the night.
They give me strength to face the morning light.

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