It was a day unlike any other

For on that day God’s son would die.

He walked upon the road to death

Battered and scared, he limped with every step

And struggled under the weight of the cross.

Then he fell and couldn’t get up

So they yelled and beat him with a whip.

I felt the tears well up in my eyes.

He didn’t deserve this.

He was no criminal; He was the Savior of the world!

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Rushing to him quickly, I knelt beside him.

I looked into his eyes and he into mine,

And in those eyes I found his unconditional love.

“Don’t do this, please, don’t let them kill you.”

“It must be done,” he replied.

His eyes held mine for what seemed like forever

Until the sound of a cracking whip

Shook me from his trance.

I helped him up and they began again,

Leaving me behind in the dust.

I never saw him again; I thought he was gone for forever.

No one survives a Roman cross.

Three days later, I heard the rumors that he had risen from the dead

and I believed it. He was the Christ after all, he could do anything.

A smile crossed my face for

His death had not been in vain.

Christ came to save the world; he came to save me

And he accomplished it indeed.

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