I’m in love….with Jesus

I have found Someone who likes to be with me all the time; Someone who loves to hear my voice as much as I enjoy hearing His. Jesus is the only guy I’ve ever known who hasn’t said the wrong thing at the wrong time (and the only one who doesn’t stop talking to me when I do.) He thinks I’m beautiful. In His eyes, I’m just as pretty wearing a t-shirt and an old pair of jeans as when I’m all dressed up.

I’ve never felt as accepted anywhere as when I’m with Him. I don’t need to rattle off a list of achievements to impress Him. I don’t even have to be embarrassed about my retarded southern accent that comes out at random times. He loves the real me. I am so incredibly far from perfect, but He doesn’t mind! He’s crazy about me.

When I’m excited, I run to Him as fast as possible to share my news. When I’m heartbroken, He holds me. Even though He knows what’s happening-good or bad- it’s so sweet that He still loves to hear all about it.

We’re told over and over in God’s Word that Jesus loves us. In him we can find satisfaction, joy hope, and peace. But I never really thought that I could be more satisfied with Him than I could by other things- be it the perfect guy, being the center of attention, or even being a beauty. I believed in God, but I didn’t believe Him. I was missing out.

What we have with Jesus is a real relationship. The more time we spend with our Savior, the easier it becomes to hear His voice, listen to His desires for our lives, and just have fun with Him! It saddens me to be around girls who have to have a boyfriend because they think another human will make them complete. But only God can do that! What they haven’t realized yet is that there’s an absolutely incomprehensible joy that comes in knowing God personally.

Jesus is a romantic. He’s writing a love story much better than the cheesy ones we watch on TV. His love is true love. Not only is He the guy of our dreams, He’s the Lord and Savior who dreams big dreams for us (Ephesians 3:20). Don’t lose heart. In His eyes, you are indescribably beautiful and so treasured. My beauty  is radiating from a confidence that come from my relationship with Christ. When you start to trust God and find your worth in Him, it changes more than the inside! I find a little more joy each day, and the reason is simple…I’m in love.

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