I Am……A Poem of the Simple Things in Baseball

I took a writing class this semester and we had to create a multi-genre life story book for someone we know. The goal was to write in at least 4 different genres and then give the book to the person we wrote for at the end of the semester. I was so excited, but I could not figure out who I wanted to write it to for the world! Then I thought of it. Nathan is an amazing baseball player for his age and sometimes he does not understand why he is the youngest in our family. So to make him feel extra important, I decided to write it to him….and all about baseball! This is the poem I wrote for him. Hope you enjoy!

I am the old, little glove passed down from your brother

I am the helmet a little too big for your head

I am the muddy cleats after a rainy practice

I am your posse of fans in the stands cheering your name

I am the hours your family spent teaching you how to play

I am your first proudly worn jersey with your favorite number

I am the crack of the bat as you hit your first home run

I am the 6-4-3 double play you wowed the crowd with

I am the experience of a major league game

I am the hours of practice it took to get your swing down

I am the smell of pine oil on your new wooden bat

I am getting to meet your heroes of the game

I am the pride written on your face after you make a big play

I am the dirt smeared on your pants after a perfect slide

I am the crackle of cracker jacks and smell of peanuts eaten by the fans

I am the tears rolling down your face when you strike out, but

I am the wild cheers you hear after winning a big game

I am the importance of the last out

I am the love for the game passed down from your sister

I am the wad of gum you snuck out of mom’s purse for the game

I am the fresh-cut grass and the spotlights shining on the field

I am the “SAFE!” call at the plate giving you the lead

I am the showering of sunflower seeds and

I am the welcoming hugs and congratulations in the dugout

I am the friendships made, and

I am the lessons learned on and off the field

I am the encouraging coach, friends, and family helping you through a slump

I am the adjustment to your stance that sends the ball soaring

I am the memories made on the late summer nights

I am the little things that made the experience great

I am the pure enjoyment of the game…


3 thoughts on “I Am……A Poem of the Simple Things in Baseball”

  1. Great job Sarah, I would suggest framing that with that pic of Nathan and hanging it in his room or somewhere in the house. Did your Mom save any of his old uniforms shirts to hang with it? Even an old cap would look great.

    1. Thanks! I am actually planning on making a memory book for him from shutterfly eventually with it in there. I made a paper one for him, but didn’t have money to do a digital one. He does have lots of good, old baseball stuff it will go with. His whole room is baseball! Thanks for reading it Aunt Jenny!

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