2012 Book Challenge

Alright all you readers, a wonderful woman who writes a blog I am in love with posted about a book challenge for this coming year and it has me super excited! She and a friend plan on reading 104 books this year Jan 1, 2012- Dec 31, 2012. That’s 2 books a week for those of you who don’t want to do the math. Now, seeing that I am a college student and it is going to be a very stressful, busy semester, I may not be able to reach that high of a goal. Her challenge got me very excited though, so I plan on setting a goal for myself of reading as many books on my bookshelf in my apartment as I possibly can before the year is up. Most of you don’t know, but my bookshelf is double stacked mainly with books that I have bought, but have not read yet. (I have a slight addiction to buying books…I’m working on it) For this challenge, if you would like to join, any book counts (as long as you read the entire thing). I’d count textbooks…..but most of us don’t really even read those ha! Anyway, kids books, political books, the Bible, cookbooks, whatever; they can all count! I’ll even count Calvin and Hobbes. I know a lot of my friends are not readers themselves for many different reasons, but I think this challenge could really help encourage you, knowing other people are doing it too. Sometimes it takes a while to find the kind of genre that interests you and doing a challenge like this is the perfect way to find it!  I think it could also be a great way to share good books! Write me and tell me what books you are reading or where you should start if you like. Books are wonderful, valuable treasures. As is quoted from the Love Comes Softly movie (also a book, go figure). ” Once you can read, you can have every adventure you ever dreamed of.” Books are my escape from reality and one of the most important ways I expand my knowledge about the world around me. Join me in this challenge for the coming year. You don’t have to set such a lofty goal as I am, just set one high enough to challenge yourself….who knows, you might break it by more than you expect! I’m telling you, you won’t be sorry you did!

You can see the original challenge below:


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