I Love My Students

I am currently in my Practicum semester for my Elementary Education degree and I have been placed in an ESL pull-out classroom. What is great about this is that I get to know my kids very well since I only have a max of seven kids in the room at a time. I also get to work with students from each grade level k-5 so it is preparing me to work with any age group! Anyway, I was working with my first grade students on Tuesday and one of these kiddos, Carson, was refusing to draw a dragon like the activity directions told him to. I tried encouraging him (I know how well he can draw), but he still refused. I then asked him why he didn’t want to draw one and he explained to me that he believes himself to be bad at drawing. In my quick response, I decided to draw an AWFUL looking dragon to make him feel better and hopefully encourage him to draw a better one. Well, it worked and his dragon looked awesome. It was breathing fire and everything. Later, after helping other students in the class, I sit down at my desk…only to find the piece of paper with my drawing on it with the sentence “It is bad” underneath my picture. Another one of my students had picked up the paper not knowing why I had drawn it so terribly. I really can draw, I promise!! This kid Juan, decided he needed to let me know just how bad it was. I guess I should take that as a lesson in humility or something.  All I could do was laugh and stick it in my “Memories of 2012” jar.

Today, Thursday, (I only go to the school twice a week) my third grade kids decided they needed to know how tall they were compared to me and to each other. After about 20 minutes, we figured it all out. Javan, my obnoxious but totally cute and sweet kid who can talk up a storm decided to tell me I was very short and that one day he would be much bigger than me. I should tell you that he is the shortest of the group too which makes it quite ironic. He then decided that was mean and added, “But it’s ok. For now we are all short and short people have to stick together!” He gave me a hug after that and made it all better. 🙂

I love my students.

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